Interior Plantscaping

hallway in office building with plants at the end underneath an exit signOur mission is to provide a variety of products and services that will elevate the overall appearance of your interior space. We understand the process of trying to decide what plants and containers you need and the actual undertaking that involves. We will work together with you or your design team to discuss plants, lighting, containers and atmosphere. Research has proven that live foliage can boost employee productivity, decrease sick time and improve morale in work spaces. You can also use indoor plants to direct traffic movement, cut down on ambient noise or to reduce the effect of chatter.

Our consultants can assist in budget preparation to ensure a design that will meet all of your needs. We incorporate the highest quality of live flora, seasonal blooming foliage, and decorative planters to transform your environment to one that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

At Foliage Design Systems, our skilled technicians will provide expert installation, plant health management, moisture assessment and weekly scheduled plant care, that fits into your schedule. We guarantee all plants under our care through our Guaranteed Maintenance Quality Control Program. This guarantee includes the following:

  • Weekly visits by our uniformed, trained and fully equipped maintenance technicians
  • Watering and fertilizing as necessary for the overall health and appearance of the foliage
  • Cosmetic care for plants and containers involving dusting, cleaning, trimming and pruning as needed
  • Regular inspections for pest and disease infestation with treatment when necessary
  • Monitoring environment conditions such as light, temperature, and traffic patterns in the plant areas with rotation of the plant when needed for balanced growth
  • Replacement of any plant that fails at No Charge. Replacement will be made if the plant becomes thin, weak, overgrown or otherwise unattractive
  • Free replacement will not apply where there has been theft, vandalism, unauthorized moving of the plant or loss of power that results in heat or cold damage

We provide purchase and lease programs that will fit your budget. We have plants in stock for short-term rentals to add a finishing touch to special occasions.
For more information about our products and services, please contact us at 901-386-3791.