Interior Office Plant Design & Maintenance in Memphis, TN

When you think of an inviting lobby, office space, or other public area, what do you picture? Is it a dull, stifling space, devoid of any color and vitality? Or is it brimming with life and stimulating to the senses?

The key to taking your lackluster business from a place your employees, customers, and clients have to be to a place they want to be is to invigorate your space with beautiful interior plant life. At Foliage Design Systems, we specialize in using the finest arrangements of flowers and greenery to create that refreshing, ambient environment you need to transform your space.

Interior Plant Design for Memphis Commercial Spaces

Too many commercial property and business owners make the mistake of thinking they can simply set up a few potted plants in the corners or hang a planter near the window to achieve the same effect as professional interiorscaping. In reality, it takes great skill and experience to fully integrate plant life with the design and architectural elements of a space.

When you enlist the team at Foliage Design Systems to bring your office or retail building to life, we’ll start by evaluating the unique characteristics of your space, from lighting and traffic flow to existing colors and textures. Then, we will use our expertise to select custom arrangements and plant features that both stun the senses and seamlessly complement your interior design.

Interior Office Plant Maintenance

Once our professionals have beautified your commercial space with lavish plantscape designs, we’ll continue to provide the interior plant maintenance services you need to keep it looking fresh and appealing. We understand that you want your interior landscape to remain in top condition, but you also have a business to run and may lack the time or expertise required to care for your plant life.

The high quality of the interior office plant features designed by Foliage Design Systems is backed by our Guaranteed Maintenance Quality Control Program, which includes:

  • Weekly visits by fully uniformed, trained, and equipped maintenance technicians
  • Plant health management (watering, fertilizing, inspections for pest activity and symptoms of disease)
  • Cosmetic plant care (dusting, trimming, pruning as needed)
  • Monitoring environmental conditions (light, temperature, nearby traffic patterns) and rotating plants when necessary
  • Replacement of failed plants (thin, overgrown, or otherwise unattractive) at no charge

*Free replacement will not apply in the event of theft, vandalism, unauthorized moving of the plant, or damage resulting from loss of power.

From retail stores and hotel lobbies to corporate offices, hospitals, and more, Foliage Design Systems’ has been improving commercial spaces all throughout Memphis and surrounding areas for decades.

To learn more about how we can take your business environment to the next level with our plant design and maintenance services, give us a call at 901-386-3791 today to schedule your consultation!