Living Green Walls in Memphis, TN

What if we told you there was such thing as beautiful work of living art that could take your commercial space from standard and forgettable to astonishing and distinguished? Imagine if an expert was willing to work with you exclusively to design one of these masterpieces based on your preferences and the exact details of your building.

With the living green wall design and installation services we offer at Foliage Design Systems, that fantasy can become a reality.

What is a living wall?

A living wall—also known as a green wall or vertical garden—is a wall structure made up of many small live plants. In addition to being a unique design feature for any lobby, foyer, or other public area, green walls can enhance your space in other ways.

Vertical gardens purify the air, act as sound barriers to reduce unwanted noise, create a tranquil, welcoming environment for employees and patrons or tenants, save space by building up instead of out, and increase real estate value. These stunning walls are ideal for property owners who want to reap the benefits of plant life in their building while using their space in the most efficient way possible.

Green Wall Design & Installation in Memphis

Picture a beautiful blend of flowers and greenery encased on a wall in your lobby, made up of your company colors or forming your business logo. Envision an enormous display of fresh plant life in your office so stunning that it revitalizes your employees’ spirits, motivating them to show up and work hard every day. The team at Foliage Design Systems can make that happen.

Our interiorscaping specialists will consider all of the elements of your space as they work with you to select the perfect plants for your living wall. We’ll design an exceptional and functional piece of art that aligns with your brand, the conditions of your property, and the goals you have for space.

Let us help you transform your ordinary office or other commercial building in Memphis into a refreshing and colorful oasis. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so we can begin creating a living green wall to elevate your space!